Claudia Taboada Castell


Of Cuban nationality, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communication from the University of Havana (2017) and a Master’s Degree in Communication and Culture from the University of Seville. Awarded with the highest academic recognition in 2017 to the student trajectory “Matrícula de Honor o Diploma de Oro” during her undergraduate studies. Her main lines of research include corporate communication management in digital environments, virtual newsrooms and communicative flows between organizations and media. She has been a speaker at the IX International Meeting of Information and Communications Scholars ICOM 2017 and the VI Congress ULEPICC-Spain 2021. She has worked as an intern in the Office of Communication and Information at the United Nations World Food Programm (WFP) in Havana, and from 2017 to 2019 as Head of Corporate Communication for the Caguayo Foundation for Applied Arts, the most recognized non-profit arts organization in the Caribbean country.

Since 2019 she has been living and studying in Spain. Her current line of research is oriented towards the study of digital interactivity in emerging spaces and thematic transfers between corporations and audiences, which motivates her doctoral thesis on virtual newsrooms in the Cuban corporate environment.