Consolidated Group

The Bitartez Group (IT1081-16) has been recognized in the 2015 call for Research Groups of the Basque University System with a Type A rating. It is formed by 18 members, faculty of different categories and staff in training. In turn, the Group has a working team made up of researchers with a wide professional background and from different disciplines (Engineering, Computer Science, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Audiovisual Communication, etc.) and active professionals.

The trajectory of the Bitartez Group is framed within the field of journalistic studies and corporate communication. The research and teaching activity of the Group is characterized by a close link to the professional world, which responds to the concept of University shared by all the members of the group: with the capacity of intervention and contribution to society.

The functioning of the Group responds, therefore, to a scheme of permanent feedback between the two main missions of the academy, i.e., research and teaching. We start from the conviction that research should contribute to an updated teaching model in line with reality, and that teaching should, in turn, serve as an inspiration for research activity.

In the teaching field, the members of the team have promoted several agreements with the media to bring the professional world closer to the teaching world and vice versa, including lectures by professionals and occasional collaborations between students and the media (participation in discussions, possibility of publication of work done for class…) within the framework of the subjects they teach.

The research lines of the Bitartez Group are:

  1. media, corporations and the public
  2. Profiles and skills of communication professionals.
  3. gender, communication and teaching

The members of the group have developed research and innovation projects linked to the three aforementioned lines and with a shared theoretical framework. Most of these projects have followed a methodology widely used in the field of journalistic research, based on qualitative and quantitative research techniques, with extensive field studies and numerous in-depth interviews and focus groups.

However, it is worth mentioning that in the last five years the Bitartez Group has made a commitment to applied research and transfer in a decision that is nothing more than the natural result of its trajectory, its concept of University and its close collaboration with the professional world since the beginning of its academic career.

The Bitartez Group has received funding from the following organizations and entities: